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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

About automatic Review Request emails

Get to know more about review requests which are sent after purchase.

Reviews feature automatically sends Review Request emails within a specified number of days OR perfect time after purchase based on our data analysis. The period can be set up from the Review emails section.

1. Getting started

Review Request emails are sent only if the order's status is fulfilled and paid (It is shown and can be set up in your Shopify admin panel). Only then the countdown starts for as many days as you have specified.

Here you can set which email address the review requests will be sent from:

Don't forget to verify your email address, you will find the verification letter in your mailbox.

You can send three Review Request emails in general. The campaign stops sending these emails to a customer who has left a review.

Please note that the changes made in one template will affect all the rest.

2. What kind of email will customers receive?

Customers get the email with the form to write the review there and click the “Post” button:

But the review won’t be published right away, customers will be redirected to your site to approve the action:

Also, the templates of these emails are fully customizable so you can adjust them to suit your site's design.

3. Is it possible to exclude some customers from receiving review request emails?

Yes. If you have a customer who doesn't want to receive review request emails, or you just don't want to send requests to certain customers - you can add the following tag: disable-growave-review-request, so they won't receive such emails.

You can add the tag to a user from the Customers section in your Shopify dashboard:

Please let us know once you add the tag, we will check the settings from our end just to make sure that the user has been excluded.

4. Is it possible to exclude some products from sending the review request emails?

Sure! If you do not want to send review request emails for some products, you can easily exclude them from review request emails in the "Settings" of the Reviews program:

5. What if the order was placed through Shopify POS?

If the order was placed through the Shopify POS app - by default, Growave sends the review request 2 hours after purchase.

Note: Growave has a hidden setting that allows disabling accelerated sending of the review request for POS purchases. This setting can be added for free by our developers from our back-end, so please contact us if you would like to apply it.