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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

About Shopify Multipass support

A quick guide to Shopify Multipass support in Social Login app

What is Multipass?

Multipass login speaks to the need of merchants that maintain an existing external database of users that might also need access to Shopify. For example, a merchant that runs an online forum that wants to allow their forum members to purchase products through a separate store can help make the process easier by ‘integrating’ the existing forum user profiles with their Shopify customer profiles. This is accomplished via a Multipass login that will redirect users from the forum to the Shopify store and seamlessly log them into the store with the same email address. Overall, this creates a better experience for users and eliminates the need to directly synchronize with another customer database.


Does Growave support Multipass login?

Yes, the Social Login feature is optimized for Shopify Plus and supports Multipass for seamless login.

To get things up and running, please enter the secret key you get from the Shopify dashboard here:

That is it! If you face any difficulties or have questions regarding the Multipass login, please contact us.

P.S. Here you can learn more about the Shopify Plus plan and Multipass login feature.