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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Best practices on using the Wishlist app

Let’s learn how to get the most out of the Wishlist app

In today’s e-commerce era, every merchant knows the importance and benefit of such a win-win strategy as a Wishlist, therefore we will not dive deep inside the theory, but rather we will cover more practice and learn how to achieve the best results with Growave’s Wishlist. So let’s get started😎!

Wishlist provides a positive and personalized experience to the shoppers, therefore extra attention must be paid to its settings

Here is the checklist you can rely on while set up:

  1. Import existing Wishlist data (if there's any)
  2. Provide comfort. Give the opportunity to add the products to the Wishlist from anywhere on your site. Please contact us for more details.


Do not forget to add the Wishlist button on your product page too


3. Ensure that the Wishlist icon/button is noticeable and appealing, you can take care of design and color here.


4. Make sure that it is easily accessible. Enable the Wishlist tab, in case it overlaps the other elements then be sure to add the Wishlist icon on the header or add the page to your navigation menu


5. Be friendly enough, to allow guests to add items to their Wishlist. By enabling this feature you can collect emails of your visitors and turn them into buyers

6. Enable all Wishlist reminders. Wishlist reminders are equal to exceptional customer service, as customers do not need to keep tracking products they want to buy by visiting your site every half an hour, instead, you can go above and beyond their expectations and notify them when the products are back in stock, or on sale.

NOTE: The first reminder in the “Your loved items are waiting for you” email series - is designated for guests only, if you allow guests to add a product to their Wishlist they will have a pop-up asking your guests to leave their email in order to save the Wishlist.


8. Customize Wishlist reminders according to your site’s style and design. Remember words are the most powerful weapon in the world, thus adjust email subject lines and texts smartly.

9. Always check statistics, track popular products, and use the data for your own benefit.

There you go✨

Hope it was informative and interesting. If you have questions or something to add please contact us or drop a line via live chat.