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Polly T.
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Free product

Learn how to set up a spending rule with a free product in exchange for points

Growave now enables the ability to give out free products to your customers in exchange for collected points. You may choose any product you would like and your customers may redeem points to get it for free.

Free product as the rewarding type

The free product can be used as a rewarding option for the Points program, VIP tiers, and Referral program.

Points program

1) First of all, you may find this feature in the Spending points section of the Rewards app when clicking on the "Add new" button:

2) Then, by choosing the Free product option among available spending rules, you may set up a discount name and click on the "Browse product" button to get started with the discount:

3) In the next settings, you may type the points price and the discount value, choose the number of points to redeem, set the minimum purchase amount, and customer eligibility, and set up a discount lifetime in days:

Discount value example: if you put 90% in this field, then the customer would pay 10% of the product's cost when applying the 'Free product' rule.

4. Click on the "Save" button and the rule is ready to go:

VIP tiers

1) Go to the VIP tiers section, and click on 'Add tier'.

2) Then choose a 'Free product' in the 'Reward members for receiving this tier' and save.

Referral program

1) Open the Referral program page in the Admin panel and choose 'Rewarding'.

2) Click on 'Edit' and choose the Rewarding type as a 'Free product'.

3) Choose a product and click on 'Ok' and then 'Save'.

Hope you will find these instructions useful 😊.

If you have any questions regarding the Free product discount or if there is anything unclear to you, be sure to contact us at and we will be happy to help.