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Polly T.
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Free shipping

Learn how to set up 'Free shipping' discount spending rule

Let your customers redeem a 'Free shipping' discount for points they have earned for on-site actions.

We have released new settings for this discount. Let's disassemble all the moments in setting up!

1) First off, you are able to add "Free shipping" as a Reward in the Earning points section. In order to do that please click on "Add new" and choose the rule:

2) Then choose "Discount" as a Rewarding type. After that in the "Discount Type" choose "Free shipping":

4) Also, you may find this feature in the Spending points section of the Rewards app when clicking on the "Add ways to spend" button:

5) Then, by choosing the Free shipping option among available spending rules, you may enter the name of the discount and its price in points value:

6) Then you can configure more detailed settings of this discount:

This discount requires a minimum purchase

  • You can make a minimum limit of the order's price to use this discount to keep your business. To enable it please enter a minimum amount of the order's price into the appropriate field.

Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount

  • This setting allows you to exclude (do not apply this 'free shipping' discount) when the order's shipping rate exceeds the setup amount.

Let's see how to configure this option.

  1. Please go to Shopify Admin's Shipping and delivery settings > click on 'Manage rates' and adjust the rates for shipping there.
  2. Then go to the Growave admin panel and set up a 'Free shipping' discount. In the 'Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount' field enter the price of the shipping rate over which this discount will not be applicable.

And here is how it looks at checkout:

Available only to users with tags

  • Allows you to determine which customers are eligible for a discount, they will not see it as an available discount to redeem. To enable this option, add tags of customers to whom this discount is available.

NOTE: These tags must also be entered in the Customers' profile in Shopify admin.


Another setting you can use is the limitation of the eligibility by the customer's country. Choose either 'all countries' or limit by countries.

  • If you would like to enable the discount only for certain customers/countries first check Settings of shipping in Shopify.

Go to Settings > Shipping and delivery > Manage rates > scroll till the 'Rest of World' > click on 'edit zone' and select countries.

The following video might be helpful:

  • After that go to 'Free shipping' discount settings, choose 'Selected countries', and type the countries:

Set discount lifetime

Enter the number of days after which the discount will become invalid. If you don't want to set up a deadline, then leave it empty.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. We'd love to help!