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Polly T.
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FAQ on the Reviews app

Here you may find quick answers to the most asked questions about the Reviews feature

1. How to change the location of the Reviews tab or how to disable it?

You may do that from the Reviews settings >> Show review tab/Reviews tab position by clicking on the "Left" and "Right" options and checkbox.

2. Is the email column mandatory when importing reviews from other apps?

Yes, the email column is mandatory when importing. Сheck more about import here.

3. Which product in the order the reviews request is being sent?

By default, the review request is sent to the most expensive product in the order.

4. Is it possible to leave Reviews for each purchased product in one order?

When filling out the fields and posting a review from the review request email, it redirects to the "Thank you" page. A list of other purchased products is displayed, which allows you to leave a review on them. You need to click on a product, and the Share review page for this product will open to fill in the required fields and publish a review. Then it goes back to the "Thank you" page with a list of other purchased products.

5. If the order status has been changed to refunded/partially refunded will the review request still be sent out?

No, our system tracks the order's status and if it is refunded then the customer's email address will be excluded from the queue of review request emails.

6. Can all visitors leave a review? If that's the case: Is it possible to configure the reviews to only accept "verified purchase" or have a way to identify the reviews as "verified purchase"?

Yes, the review can be added to any product in the store. As for the verification, we have a setting "Only verified reviews" with which only customers who have purchased a product, can leave a review. Then, all the verified buyers will be marked accordingly or you may mark the reviews as verified from the admin panel. Check here for more details.

7. How to bypass account login for customers wanting to leave a review through Growave?

There's no way to bypass account login completely since it's set up this way in order to avoid spamming or negative reviews from unverified users. However, there's an option to leave an email without logging in to leave a review. Once customers leave a review in that way, they will have to verify the email address they entered.

8. Integration with Schema Plus.

Schema markup enables Google to rank your shop better. With Schema, Google will display Rich Snippets with review stars for your store.

The logic of integration is to replace our Rich Snippets with Schema Plus. This process completely takes place on their end. You can reach out to their Support Team at so they assist you with your request.

9. How to exclude a product from the Review request email?

The tagged products will be excluded from the review request emails queue. Growave won't collect reviews from these products. For that, go to Settings > Reviews > Product Exclusion. Please enter the tag here to exclude a product. Make sure the same tag is added to the product in the Shopify Admin.

Kindly note that you should enter the tags with no spacing as every symbol has a meaning. You may check the following guide to explore more details about the tags.

10. Is there any integration with Google Shopping?

No, however, we have integration with the Multiple Google Shopping feeds which helps with adding your review rating. Please find more details in the following guide.

Hope this was helpful! 🥰

Our team would greatly appreciate it if you could share any questions with us regarding the Reviews app. We will add the answers to these questions to this guide and to other ones as well, so it's most convenient for our dear customers.