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Polly T.
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FAQ on the Rewards app

Here you may find quick answers to the most asked questions on the Rewards feature

What is the right format for the CSV file to import customer points?

REQUIRED: email, points

OPTIONAL: first_name, last_name, birthdate(Y-m-d)

For more information, be sure to visit the detailed guide here.

Are there any statistics for the Reward email templates?

At the moment it is not tracked how many emails were sent to the users from the Rewards and Loyalty programs. Our team will certainly work on improving this moment in future builds.

Is there a rewards landing page?

Yes, there is.

You may find it by this URL for the Rewards page -

And also for the Referral page -

Where can I rename points?

You may do that in Settings -> Rewards -> Points:

Can a customer use their points to "redeem" for actual products?

Yes, of course. The function to redeem points for a Free product is available on any paid plan of Growave.

Why can't I change the terms in the VIP tiers?

The criteria for reaching a VIP tier can be chosen only once and works for all of them. So if you want to change the criteria later, you have to delete all the existing tiers and create new ones which leads to the loss of customers earned and multiplied points. You may check more here.

Can I exclude/include customers or products from the Rewards and Loyalty programs?

Sure, you may do that from the Rewards settings >> Customers/Products eligibility by specifying the customer's or products' tag. Be sure to review this guide for more details.

Is it possible to reset the points of the users before launching the Rewards programs?

Sure, our team can assist you with this request. Please, contact us at email -

Can we modify the Rewards widget on the store?

Sure, you may have a look at the Branding section and set up the tab as you would like, however, this feature is not available yet. Please contact us at email - and we will be happy to assist you with designing the Rewards widget. By the way, you are able to make some changes in the Admin editor section.

Can I set up the expiration of points?

In order to set the expiration date up, please go to the Dashboard->Settings->Rewards->Points:

If an order is canceled or returned, will the points be automatically deducted once the refund is done in Shopify?

Yes, the points will be deducted from the customer's balance in case of return or cancellation. You may also adjust this moment from the Rewards settings >> Order rewarding settings. Please NOTE that you need to choose the status of the order when the points will be deducted. For more information, check out this guide.

If someone who received a referral code cancels or returns a purchase does this update the balance of the person who gave the referral (deduct points)?

I am afraid we don't have such settings yet that will track the orders with the referral code to deduct the points of the sender option. However, we will definitely look into that in future updates of our app.

How can I disable the Rewards tab and use only the Rewards page?

You may disable the tab from the Editor section and use the page for rewards with this URL -

Can I assign the VIP tier to the users manually?

Yes, you may do that from the customer profile in the admin panel by accessing them from the Customers section. Find a user and assign a new tier from the profile. For more details check out this guide.

Is it possible to set up multiple rewards for a tier?

No, as of now, it's not possible to set up multiple rewards for a tier. For more details, you may check this guide.

Our team would greatly appreciate it if you could share any questions with us regarding the Rewards app at We will add the answers to these questions to this guide and other ones as well so it's most convenient for our dear customers.