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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

FAQ on the Social login app

Here you may find quick answers to the most asked questions on the Social login feature

1. Do visitors need to fill in their email after login in via their social account?

There's no need for customers to leave their email addresses when logging in via social networks. Information about visitors will be saved on the site depending on what kind of social network the visitor logged in to. In order to log in through any social network, you need to click on the icon of the social network, thus the site uses the data that you left in a certain social network.

2. Does Growave Social Login app draw the date of birth from the Social networks?

No, due to Facebook privacy policy amendments, we can no longer access to date of birth of a customer. Thus, that field is empty on the Profile page and can only be edited by a customer.

3. If a customer logs in using Social networks is he required to change his password?

If a client logs in to the site using social accounts, then he does not need to change his password. The "reset password" function refers to Shopify and can be applied when the client logs in via his email.

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