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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

FAQ on the Wishlist app

Here you may find quick answers to the most asked questions on the Wishlist feature

If someone buys an item from the Wishlist, is it removed from the Wishlist?

No, the item is not removed from the Wishlist, but it can be deleted manually.

In order to delete the product from the Wishlist, just click on the "Add to wishlist" button. This can be done from the product or wishlist page/tab. Please refer to the following screenshots:

Also, customers can remove the product from the Wishlist tab by clicking on the three dots next to the product name and clicking on the "Delete" button:

On the mobile version, customers can remove the product by swiping the product as shown in the video below:

Screen Recording 2022-04-14 at 04.16.54 PM.gif

Can I add Wishlist products to the theme by using page builders?

Yes, you may have a look at these guides for more information on how to add Wishlist features to the theme by using Gem Pages and Page Fly page builders.

Even if a customer is not logged in or registered to the store, can he add items to the Wishlist?

Yes, he can add items to the Wishlist without connection to the store. We have the option to save a wishlist for guests, however, you may disable it anytime ;)

Can I change the way the Wishlist button is displayed on the product pages?

Yes, you may do that from the Admin Editor section of the app. When customizing the Wishlist app, in the "Button style" section you may choose such options as a Heart icon, Add to Cart button, or Link.

Can I change the wording of the Wishlist app to other languages?

Yes, you may do that from the Language editor section by searching for the needed copies by keywords.

How many items are available to add to the Wishlist?

You may add an unlimited amount of items to the Wishlist. All saved items are in the wishlist tab or separate wishlist page.

Our team would greatly appreciate it if you kindly share any questions with us regarding the Wishlist app. We will add the answers to them to this guide and other ones as well so it's most convenient for our dear customers to have all their questions answered.