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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Growave Admin Panel Navigation

Check this guide to explore the Growave Admin Panel.

If you are new to Growave, the following article will help you on your way in exploring our Admin Panel and settings.

You may watch the short video guide to get started:

Once you install our app and go through Onboarding, you will be redirected to this page which is our Admin Panel:

Let's begin with the Rewards, if you click on it, the 4 sections will appear from where you can set the points, discounts, VIP Tiers, referral options etc.:

Four sections will be displayed, find more information about each in the following articles:

Then, you will see a menu for the Reviews, here you can make adjustments for the reviews and questions on your shop:

The next section is for the Wishlist where you can track the analytics and activity:

Let's continue with Instagram, from where you can create a gallery, tag products,ะท and select which photos you'd like to have published on your shop:

From the Customers section, you can find all your members, check their activities and edit the points balance:

In the Analytics section you can track the activities of Rewards, Reviews, and Instagram apps:

From the Notification center you can edit emails sent by Growave:

Then, you will see the Settings from where you can make general adjustments for all the Growave apps:

The last section is 'Branding' from where you can adjust the design of Emails and Growave apps:

That's it!

Feel free to reach out to us at, we'll be glad to help ๐Ÿ˜Š.