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Growave FAQ

Find the answers to the frequently asked questions in the following article.

1) Is it possible to have one Growave account for several stores?

No, you should install Growave on each of your stores.

2) How can I check a customer's points balance?

You can check it in the Customers section:

Just click on any customer account, and you will see Points balance, Referral Program analytics, and the VIP Tier. You may find more details in this guide.

3) How to move from an annual to a monthly plan?

Please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help you move from an annual to a monthly plan.

4) How to apply a discount at the checkout?

First, copy the discount code from the Rewards tab or page, then apply it at the checkout as shown on the screenshot below:

Also, be sure to review those guides for more details:

5) Is it possible to merge customer accounts?

No, we recommend a customer use only one account to keep all the points and discounts.

6) How to change the colors of the Growave widgets?

You can change the colors in the Branding (Brand customization) section which will redirect you to the Admin editor. Kindly go through this article to get more details.

7) How to import existing Reviews, Wishlist, and Rewards details to Growave?

You can easily import existing data from third-party apps to Growave. Find more information here:

8) How to export data from Growave?

Please find details here:

9) How to exclude customers from the Rewards program?

You can set in Settings > Rewards from where you can find customers and product eligibility:

The first one goes for allowing/forbidding customers with the tags. You may choose which members won't be eligible to take part in the Rewards programs or allow only these users in the programs. Check this guide to find more details.

10) I can't open Growave admin from Shopify, what can I do?

You can also open Growave admin via the following link and reach out to us regarding the issue.

That's it!

Let us know if you have any questions at 😊.

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