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Polly T.
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Growave on Online Store 2.0

Learn how to integrate our features into Online Store 2.0

Recently, Shopify announced its biggest update: Online Store 2.0 🥳.

We have also released an update for our customers so that you can enjoy the newest and most convenient product. And here's a guide on how to set up the integration of Growave on Online Store 2.0.

Where to start?

Download a theme that supports Online Store 2.0, among the suggested themes you will see such a mark:

Online Store 2.0 themes

Next, you need to install our files on this new theme by going to 'Growave' under the 'Apps' section.

Once you're in the Growave admin panel, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Settings -> Manage app
  • Install our code into the needed theme and click on the "Save" button as shown on the screenshot below:

Let's start the process of adding the widgets to your Online Store 2.0

You should go to the Shopify Admin Panel, Online Store > Themes, and ‘customize’ your theme on OS 2.0

Then make sure that 'Growave' is enabled in the Theme Settings > App embeds:

Enable Growave

Let's divide the further steps by the pages we work on:

Product Page

To the product page you are able to add these widgets/blocks:

  • Review Average Rating
  • Review widget
  • Wishlist button
  • Shoppable Instagram gallery
  • Earn points
  • Instagram (tagged only)
  • Review Slider

Please refer to this short record to see how to add widgets on Online Store 2.0:


To the Homepage you are able to add only the Shoppable Instagram gallery, here is also a record of how to add this widget:

NOTE: Keep in mind, that you should create a gallery and connect your Facebook account to our platform so that the Shoppable Instagram gallery could appear on your website.

Collections page

As for the Collections page, currently, our and Shopify development teams are working on the integration of our widgets to these pages too. Hope we will get back with updates soon!


You're able to manage the design of Wishlist and Reviews widgets via the Design and Editor sections of the Growave Admin Panel.

To change the position of the Wishlist and Reviews tabs, please follow these instructions:

Please kindly be informed that custom colors and sizes that were implemented by our development team will still be active if you would like to change the position of widgets.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are always here for you 😊.

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