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Polly T.
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How Loyalty & Rewards program issues points on multicurrency shops?

Learn the logic of the rewarding on multicurrency shop

If you're wondering how points will be issued for orders on multi-currency stores, this article will answer your question.

Let me explain the logic and then give you an example 😉.

Our app relies on and takes into account the base currency set in your store, just like the Shopify system. As soon as the customer makes an order and pays for it, Shopify converts the amount at market exchange rates to the base store currency. Then it sends all the order details to our system. Based on this order data, and Rewards Settings Growave issues points.


For a better understanding, I'll explain the topic with an example.

Let's imagine, that your shop base currency is JPY (Japanese Yen) and you have enabled multicurrency. The customer has made an order in the shop for $5 USD.

  1. Shopify will convert USD to JPY based on market exchange rates. Let's take the following exchange rates as an example: 1 USD = 113.2 JPY
  2. Convert $5 USD = 566 JPY
  3. Shopify system sends these order details to Growave
  4. Our app gives points for this order, based on Rewards Settings and 'Place Order' earning rule settings.

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Hope this guide was informative and helpful 🙂. Please don't hesitate to contact our Support team: if you have any questions!