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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to associate Instagram posts with products

Automatically add products to Instagram feed posts that contain the same product tag.

With this feature, you will be able to have products automatically added to your Instagram hashtag posts.

Note: In the auto-tagging process can take part only posts that come from the #hashtag (posts from your @account couldn't take part in this process).

This setting needs to be enabled by our developers. Please contact us if you need this option.

There are 3 ways of determining a product, with the help of product tag, product ID, and product SKU.

How to set up auto-tagging with product tag: in your Instagram account you will need to add a hashtag of the following format to each post: #ssw_t_{product_tag} for example, #ssw_t_dress. Then, products with the tag “dress” will be automatically added to the Instagram posts with the hashtag "#ssw_t_dress". Please make sure that your product has the same tag (you can tag your products in the Shopify admin panel).

There is also an option for determining the product by ID: you just have to add a hashtag of the following format to your posts: #ssw_i_{Product_ID}, for example, #ssw_i_123456789. You can find the product ID on your Shopify products section.

If you would like to tag a product variant you need to use product SKU: please refer to the following format: #ssw_s_{SKU}, for example, #ssw_s_555.

Currently, there is a limitation for tagged products: a maximum of 8 products could be tagged on one Instagram post. If there are more than 8 hashtags for tagged products, only the first 8 found products will be tagged.

Once you finish adding hashtags to your posts, you will have to update the gallery in our admin panel. For that, open the gallery and choose the “Update photos” option.

Once it’s done, the product will be tagged automatically (it may require a while).

Please be noted that if you add a new product and tag it on your Shopify dashboard with the same tag that you have already used in Insta feed, you need to update the associated posts with products, so that this new product will be tagged on the post as well.

For example, you have products with the tag "dress" and already added a hashtag to your post #ssw_t_dress, then you add a new product to your Shopify website and add the same tag "dress". In order for this product to be also tagged on that post, you need to update associated posts. Please refer to the screenshot:

That’s it! Hope it was helpful. 😊