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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to edit a review

Learn how you may change the review from the admin panel

If you have received a good review with some typos inside and you need to change the text a little you can modify all the reviews by clicking on the edit icon.

You can:

  • change the text,
  • add or remove rating stars,
  • mark a customer as a "Verified buyer",
  • add photos,
  • change the date,
  • assign a review for another product or to the site;
  • reply to the review.

  • (NOTE: Please be kindly informed that customers cannot respond to your reply)

Here is how the review looks when editing:

Additionally, you may unpublish a review, add a "Featured" mark, reply to a review or delete it.

Be sure to give this function a try and explore other features here:

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