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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to embed your Instagram gallery into any Shopify page?

A quick guide to help you embed gallery into any page.

Depending on your needs and skills you can pick any of the following methods. All of them allow you to embed the shoppable galleries into your Shopify site. 

Choose the method which works for you and follow its instructions.

1. Shop Instagram page [ no need to install ]

A new Shop Instagram page has already been created with your gallery. You can view and customize it here. Or learn more about what is this and how to get the most out of Shop Instagram page.

2. Shopify sections [ only for Home page ]

It is the easiest way to embed your gallery into a home page. No skills are needed. Learn more how to embed the gallery into Home page using Shopify sections.

3. Embed code [ requires basic coding skills ]

Using the embed code you can add your shoppable Instagram gallery into any place in your Shopify store. Do it easily using the Shopify Pages or flexible Shopify Code Editor. Read more.

4. Contact us [ easy and free ]

If you are confused or not sure how to embed the Instagram galleries into your Shopify store, we are here for you. 😊 Feel free to contact us: