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How to get a customer's birthday

Where to see your customers' birthdays in Growave

In the Points program, you may reward users on their birthday. It can be a great incentive to drive customer engagement in the store and give sweet gifts to users on their birthdays.

You may check this rule to set it up according to your requirements.

How can your customers enter their birthday information?

There are two ways the users may leave their birthday data:

1. Through the Rewards tab/Rewards page Birthday rule in the Earn points section:

1.1 You may forbid editing birthday further from the rule settings:

2. Or, they can specify their birthdays on the Edit profile page:

NOTE: A birthday reward is given to customers once a year. So, if a customer's birthday has already passed by the time he entered the date - he will get a reward only the next year on his birthday. But if today is a customer's birthday and he entered the date today - he will get a reward immediately.

How to find your customers' birthday information?

First of all, you may find the users with birthdays specified in the Customer section of the dashboard.

Go to the Customer section >> Choose the customer

You can add or edit the birthday date of the customer.

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