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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to import VIP Tiers to the Loyalty&Rewards program?

Check the following guide to know how you can import VIP Tiers.

Are you moving from another platform to our app and would like to keep the existing data of your Rewards program? No worries, it can be easily done 😊.

To import the VIP Tiers into Growave, please follow the steps described below:

1) Create the VIP Tiers in the Admin -> Rewards -> VIP Tier:

2) Open the Settings -> Import center -> Rewards -> Add file:

Please be sure your file is in CSV format and contains the following fields. The required ones should be starting with an uppercase letter:

REQUIRED: Email, Customer ID, VIP Tier

OPTIONAL: first_name, last_name

Here is the sample CSV file.

You can choose between two suitable fields: Customer ID or Email. The app automatically differentiates between two main fields. If one of the fields is empty and another is filled, the information will be taken from the filled one. To make it work properly, ensure your CSV file has both fields (Email, Customer ID) and corresponds to this format. Even if you don't have any Customer ID fields, you must include at least a column with its name.

NOTE: Rewards are not issued for the imported VIP Tiers.

That's it! Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions ✨.