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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Online store 2.0: How to integrate reviews on the product page

Adding Reviews into your store is pretty easy, follow the steps below to complete it!

Step 1: Open Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes section:

Step 2: Select the theme you are planning to integrate the Reviews on and click on Customize:

Step 3: Click on 'App Embeds' and enable 'Growave':

Step 4: Open the default product page -> Product information -> Add block -> select 'Review Average Rating':

Step 5: Move the 'Review Average Rating' block under the 'Text':

This is how the widget will look like:

Step 6: Go to the 'Apps' section -> click on 'Add block' -> select 'Review widget':

How to design Review widgets via the 'Customize' section?

Click on the widget, and the design editing options will be displayed as in the screenshot below. Here you can edit the colors, font, and icons size:

If you have difficulties with the integration, feel free to reach out to us at and our Tech Team will be glad to help you 😊.