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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Online store 2.0: How to integrate the wishlist button on the product page

Placing the 'Add to wishlist' button into your store is pretty easy, follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Open Shopify Admin -> Online Store -> Themes section:

Step 2: Select the theme you are planning to integrate the Reviews on and click on Customize:

Step 3: Click on 'App Embeds' and enable 'Growave':

Step 4: Open the default product page -> Product information -> Add block -> select 'Wishlist button':

This is how the widget will look like on your shop:

If you click on the 'Wishlist button' you will see the options to customize colors, fonts and dimensions:

That's it! If you have difficulties with the integration, feel free to reach out to us at and our Tech Team will be glad to help you 😊.