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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to manage reports of the Referral program abuse

Get to know how to manage reports

Turn your customers into loyal advocates and let them represent you to new potential buyers.

Motivate your existing customers to bring their friends to your store. The only program that lets you reward both - the referrer(sender) and referred(receiver).

Each of your existing customers already has its own links, which can be shared to social media using social icons or just pasted wherever needed. The link is generated automatically by Growave and will be shown on the separate Referral page or in the Rewards tab.

Here at Growave you can track the users who may cheat on the program.

Now we track users and send you notifications:

  • If the order is made by the sender of the referral link;
  • If the receiver has the same initials as the sender;
  • If the receiver has the same shipping address as the sender.

All of the suspicious activity will be displayed on the Reports section and you may manage such cases from the admin panel. To set up notifications to your email, you may go to the Referral Program section and enter your email address:

NOTION: When you receive notifications about suspicious activity in the Referral Program, you will be able to see which people tried to abuse it and will be given the matter of abuse, e.g, the receiver has the same initials as the sender. In these cases, the Receiver of the link does get a discount and can use it on their purchase. Growave only reports to you about such occurrences so you can take action on your end individually and you may decide whether to fulfill this customer's order or not.

However, our app does block the reward for the Sender of the link and you may assign a Cancel reward status and the Sender won't receive a reward. If you set up the status as Approve reward, we will send an email with the reward to the Sender of the link. Also, there's a status Exclude from referral program, then a sender can no longer participate.

Hope it was helpful! Please, let us know if you have any questions or need further assistance.