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How to migrate existing data to Growave

Learn which data you can transfer to Growave and how to seamlessly perform it

In case you are already using a third-party Loyalty & Rewards program, Reviews widget, or Wishlist save buttons, we are happy to inform you that it's possible to transfer all the data related to these apps into our platform:

  • Loyalty & Rewards program
  • Reviews
  • Wishlist

Loyalty and Rewards

We have prepared a detailed guide for your needs if you would like to import customer points.

If in short, we will need a CSV file with this format:

REQUIRED: Email, Customer ID, points

OPTIONAL: first_name, last_name, birthdate(Y-m-d)

You can send the file to us and we will gladly help you to import your Rewards data into our platform.

VIP Tiers

You may check the following guide for more details.

Please be sure your file is in CSV format and contains the following fields:

REQUIRED: Email, Customer ID, VIP Tier

OPTIONAL: first_name, last_name

Here is the sample CSV file.


If you have existing reviews that you wouldn't like to lose when switching to our app, below are the guidelines on how you can import them and how to create an import file:

Importing reviews into Growave

Creating an import file for reviews

Please make sure that your CSV file has this format:

Author - the author name [REQUIRED];

Text - the review's message [REQUIRED];

Email - the author's email [REQUIRED];

Rating - rating value from 1 to 5 (default value is 5);

Product - your product id, product handle or product URL (if not set then the review belongs to your site reviews);

Date - review date, format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS (default value is Now);

Images - comma separated ('http://image-url/image1.jpg', 'http://image-url/image1.jpg', 'http://image-url/image1.jpg')

Title - before the import you should enable the following setting in the Growave Admin-> Review settings:


We can easily transfer all your WIshlist data to our platform. The only thing we need is a CSV file in the following format:

product - your product id or product handle;

email - the author's email;


If you face any issues with importing the data then just drop us a line to or hit the Live Chat button. We'll be happy to assist you! 🤗