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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to pause the Loyalty&Rewards program?

In this article, you can learn more about pausing the Loyalty&Rewards program and what will happen with the customers' discount.

You have the option of temporarily disabling or pausing your Rewards program at any time in the Admin panel. Once your program is paused, no new members will be added, the Rewards tab will be disabled, and no new points will be accrued.

Please note that pausing your program does not pause billing.

Follow these steps to pause the program:

1. Points program

Before pausing the Points program we recommend you notify the customer in order for them to redeem their points for the discounts in the preferable period of time. After that you are able to pause the program by clicking on the "Disable" button in the Admin panel -> Rewards -> Points:

More things to know about pausing:

  • Customer point balance is not affected
  • Pausing the program does not affect customers' reward balance or existing VIP Tiers.
  • Existing coupons will remain usable
  • If a customer has a coupon code that was created before you pause your program, they will still be able to apply the discount, even while your program is paused.
  • Note: As long as you do not completely disable the Rewards program, all active and unused discounts will be available to clients until they decide to use them at the checkout page. If you don't want customers to use the redeemed discount you are able to delete them in the Shopify Admin.
  • The discounts will appear in the Rewards tab and on the separate Rewards page. Since the other program is still active the tab and the page will work as usual.

2. Referral program/VIP Tiers

In order to pause the Referral program please go to the Admin panel -> Rewards -> Referral program/VIP Tiers -> click on "Active" button. The process is the same as shown in the video above.

Note: Once all three programs are disabled the Rewards tab/page and Referral page won't be available.

3. Disabling the whole program:

In order to completely disable the Rewards program, you need to go to the Admin panel and disable all the programs (Points, Referral, and VIP tiers) separately:

A few things to note when you are re-activating your program after pausing or disabling it.

  • Your program settings will be saved
  • All customizations applied prior to pausing your program will be saved. That means you will not need to re-customize your program after re-activating.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch: