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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to refund redeemed discounts

Learn how to refund discounts and return points to your customers

We all make mistakes and the consequences are irreversible, but not in this case. 

I'm glad to share with you an opportunity to refund the points to the discounts that the users redeemed by mistake. 

For example, a customer has spent points by mistake and redeemed a wrong discount:

You can find this customer in the Customers section and view his actions in the profile:

You can find that discount by the code. As you see in the screenshots above and below, the codes are the same (9C5D65D1DA90).

Now, go to the Activity -> Points section as shown below and click on the code and 'Refund':

Once you're done, the status of the discount code becomes "Deleted" and points will automatically return back. 

That's it 😊. The customer is happy and can redeem another discount. Happy end, isn't it? 

NOTE: In case the customer redeems a certain amount of points to the discount code and then you change the settings, your customer will receive the same points how he/she redeemed initially (e.g. customer redeems 100 points for the discount code and then you change the amount from 100 points to the 500 points in the settings. After the refund, the customer will receive only 100 points back not 500 points).

Please don't hesitate to reach us if you face any difficulties. We'll be more than happy to assist you.