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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to reward for past actions

A quick guide on how to hook existing members into the rewarding program by giving points for past actions

If you feel sad for your old customers who have already done the on-site actions before installing our platform and didn't get the rewards (as the ones who have done the same on-site actions after installing Growave), you can always reward them in the following section of the General settings:

The number of customers who have done this action and haven't received the reward for it yet will be automatically displayed on the right top. You will be able to choose how many actions to reward and for which period of time.

Just set up the settings of the available actions and save to reward old customers with points or discounts:

After you click on 'Reward' the following window will pop up:

Important notes:

  • The Place Order rule is also applicable to customers who have phone numbers, but no email.
  • If the VIP criteria are set as "Earn points", the points awarded after activating the "Reward for past actions" rule won't be counted. This means those points don't affect the Tier.

That is it! Please contact us if there are any questions regarding this option, we will be glad to help you 😊