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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How To Set Up Omnisend Integration

Instructions on how to set up an integration with Omnisend

In order to integrate with Omnisend you need to have the following apps installed:

  1. Omnisend
  2. Growave (Growth and higher plans)

NOTE: All of the emails that you would like to be sent via Omnisend should be enabled in our Admin Panel. However, if some of the emails still should be sent via Growave, make sure you haven't created any of the triggers in Omnisend.

First, you need to set up Omnisend:

1) Make sure that your website is connected to Omnisend:

2) Prepare email templates:

Download these files (for convenience, transfer them into a separate folder)

3) Go to Omnisend's admin panel in the store settings section:

Then in Settings choose the "Saved templates" section:

Press the "Import template" button:

and choose "Import HTML":

Name the template by file's title and press "Browse":

Choose the suitable file:

and press "Upload":

You will be forwarded to the template's edit page, press "Save & Exit" in here:

After that you will see this template in the Saved Templates:

Repeat the following steps (choosing and saving the template) for all the templates.

4) Next, let's start creating segments and setting up audience filters

Since custom events are used, users who have unsubscribed from the mailing list will still receive notifications as stated in the Omnisend documentation.

If you don’t want to send messages to Unsubscribed users, you have to add an Audience filter and apply it to all Automation workflows to exclude unsubscribers.

1) Go to the "Audience" page > click on 'Create a segment':

2) Create a segment

5) Now let's start creating a workflow

Go to the "Automation" section and press "New workflow":

Click on "Custom workflow":

Set up a trigger, press the trigger block and choose the exact event (in this case it's "growave-review-request"):

Set the 'Audience filter' you created earlier:

Choose the email template, in order to do this drag and drop the Email block to the "+" button:

Set a "Subject line" and "Preheader" (they will be displayed in the letter later):

 Now let's choose the email template, press the "Edit content" button:

Once you finish with the general settings and proceed to the Email message editor, you will need to add HTML block to your email content:

Then open the template file that you've downloaded in any text editor you have on your device. For example, here's how it's done with Windows Notepad:

Select all the HTML code in the editor and copy it:

Get back to your email editor and paste the code into the HTML block:

Then click on 'Finish editing' and the template will be saved!

You need to create 4 workflows the same way

 ( 1 for each pairing event - email template)

6) After creating all workflows, you need to create an API key, in order to do that go to Store settings-> Integrations & API -> API keys and Create one. You can find more details in the following guide.

Copy API key

Then in Growave's Admin panel go from the "Settings" tab to the "Integrations" section:

Enable Omnisend, click on 'Settings':

Insert the API key in this field:

Click on Settings:

Enable the needed notifications:

Omnisend: How to use variables. - in this guide, you can find the available variables.

Save the changes!

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Omnisend.

If something doesn’t work out or you still have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you 😊.