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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Legacy theme: how to show reviews in a slider

Learn more about embedding reviews slider on the homepage, product, and other pages.

Growave's Reviews app allows you to display your product reviews in a beautiful slider. The only condition is that you need to have at least 5 product reviews, with the rating not less than 4 stars.

NOTE: By default, the review slider displays the latest 15 product reviews that are marked as Featured and have ratings not less than 4 stars. The slider will display only one review for each of the products. In case the product has several 5-star reviews, just one will be selected to appear.

To display your reviews in a slider, please go to Shopify Admin panel > Themes > Actions: Edit Code and add the following code to the place where you want to show the reviews slider (i.e. homepage, product page, etc.) : 

. <div class="ssw-html-widget ssw-review-slider-widget" data-module="Recommendation" data-name="ReviewsSlider">

<div class="ssw-page-loading">

<span class="ssw-spin ssw-loader"></span>


</div> .

Please see our example for the homepage, we put the code above the {% section 'footer' %}

  • For the product page - under the description or in a certain place, you may place the Review slider code in this file {{ product-template.liquid }}(E.g. under the Review widget)

  • Or alternatively, you may use this file in order to put the Review slider above the footer

P.S. We strongly recommend you contact us to get a professional installation on your site. It is completely free! 😍