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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

How to start using Loyalty and Rewards

A quick guide to set up and get started with Loyalty and Rewards

The Loyalty and Rewards program motivates your shoppers to engage more meaningfully with your brand. Increase repeat purchases, turn your customers into loyal advocates, and give your best users VIP treatments.

After completing the onboarding process you may check more functions that the Rewards app has to offer and if you have skipped setting up the Rewards app when installing this article will help you learn from the start.

As you already see, there are 3 programs that can be activated:

In the Admin editor you can easily adjust the color scheme of the separate Rewards page and Rewards tab on your site:

The Analytics section will help you have a detailed understanding of what each program does and what kind of benefits the programs bring.

The Loyalty and Rewards program lets reward the existing members for their past actions. In order to do so please go to Settings -> Rewards -> Reward for Past Actions. Then, after choosing desired period the available rewarding rules will appear:

Also, the Settings include 3 following sections:



  • Change the name of the points as you want.
  • Set up Points expiration and notification about it.
  • Add Nudges so that the users will be encouraged to spend more points and use discounts.

VIP Tiers:

Don't forget to save the changes :)

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are always here for you.

Also, watch the video to see how the Points program works for your customers: