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Polly T.
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How to subtract points based on the financial status of the order

How to configure customer points refunds in your order settings

It's possible to subtract points from the purchases of the users based on the financial status of the order. Our Rewards app tracks the order statuses and adjusts the customer points accordingly.

This setting affects your Place order rule.

To set up the needed order statuses to refund you may go to the Rewards settings and choose the available options under the section "Subtract points according to the following status(es)":

Those options include:

  • Refunded;
  • Partially refunded;
  • Voided.

In case, the order status is "Refunded" the points given to the order will be subtracted back entirely. The same goes for the "Voided" status. If the order status is "Partially refunded" the points will be refunded back to the amount refunded in the order.

NOTE: When refunding points, the current settings will be taken into account. If you have rewarded your customers and after that changed the Rewards Settings, then points will be given based on the most recent ones.

By settings, we mean all the options you configure in Rewards Settings and in the Place Order rule.

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