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Polly T.
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Integration with PushOwl app

How to set up an integration with PushOwl for transforming automated emails into fully automated web push notifications

PushOwl is a web push notification app that is popular among many Shopify stores for its push notification marketing and easy setup.

The integration between Growave and PushOwl can let you reach your customers anywhere and everywhere on multiple browsers, devices, and platforms. You will grow your business by sending the right automatic notification to the right audience at the right time.

Now you can send rather more automatic web push notifications for review requests and wishlist reminders and increase your sales by re-engaging customers even after they have left your store.

This integration lets you send web push notifications for:

  • Review requests (Reminder #1, #2, and #3)
  • Wishlist updates (Reminder Email, Product on Sale)

How to Get Started?

  1. Make sure the required platform and app are installed:

1. Open Growave Admin Panel

2. Go to Settings and click on ‘Integrations’ from the drop-down.

3. Find the PushOwl app and click on 'Enable' and then 'Settings':

4. Choose what push notification you would like to send out: review requests or wishlist reminders. Enable the liked notification, edit, preview, and get your customer pleased with the best message.

Web Push Notification triggers

Web Push Notifications will be sent to your identified subscribers (PushOwl knows the email address because of sign up, log in, or purchase) that are receiving emails through Growave.

Review Requests

The web push notifications for review requests are sent at the same time the review request emails are sent (Reminder #1, Reminder #2, and Reminder #3 respectively). The web push notifications are only sent when the review request emails are also enabled in Growave Admin.

Wishlist Updates

The web push notifications for wishlist updates are sent together with the following emails:

That's it! 😊

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