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Polly T.
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Integration with Shopify Point of Sale (POS)

How to set up integration with Shopify POS to apply Loyalty & Rewards program to your offline customers.

The integration between Growave and Shopify POS will let you store and track both online and offline purchases, enroll all your customers into a rewards program, and redeem their points in both places. Thereby, due to this integration, you can grow your business by converting one-time shoppers into repeat buyers. 

Shopify POS is a great app for enabling business owners to sell products in person- from almost anywhere, i.e. it will let you sell across multiple locations, and channels, accept payments, and offer standout customer experiences. Moreover, it will sync with your online Shopify store so that you will be able to track and manage both your orders and your inventory across all your sales channels.

You can download the app to either your iOS or Android devices. 

  • This integration is available on any plan of Growave. 

Step 1. Download the Shopify POS app on App Store or Google Play. If you already have a Shopify account, you’ll be prompted to log in. Then the app will automatically fill up with all the products you sell. 

Step 2. Install the Growave platform and enable Loyalty & Rewards product in the admin panel. It automatically will be added to Shopify POS’s list.

Step 3. Proceed to use the Rewards program within Shopify POS.

You will be able to complete the following actions:

  • create new or choose among existing members from your Rewards program;
  • apply available discounts to the checkout
  • and make a refund.

But prior, you just need to take the next easy steps:

1. Add the Growave extension to the POS dashboard

1.1. Press "Add tile"

1.2. Select "App"

1.3. Choose Growave and Save it.

2. Afterwards go to the 'Products' section and add the products to the Cart

3. And then add a customer

3.1. Press on the 'More actions' button

3.2. Select 'Add customer':

3.3. Seach for the needed customer and select the user

3.4. And there you go, the customer is added

4. Then go back and choose the available discounts and the discount will be automatically applied.

Here you may select an available discount and it will be applied to the order:

(P.S. please note, that on the POS app only two types of discounts are available: Fixed amount discounts and Percentage discounts) (Giftcards are not included)

NOTE: if you have set up a limitation for your discounts to be applied only to certain products or collections - this rule will not work on the new POS app. Shopify doesn't provide us with information about customers' shopping bags, so we cannot track which product is being purchased, which is why the discount will be applied anyway.

Earning points while placing an order in Shopify POS

When a customer with active account purchases offline and the order is placed in Shopify POS, the points for Place order, Punch card, and Buy X to get Y will be awarded. Also, if during this period the Boost campaign is enabled, points will be multiplied according to the settings of 'Points Multiplier'.

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