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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Integration with the Postscript app

Know more information about the integration with the Postscript app

Postscript is SMS marketing software for growing stores.

Integration requirements

  1. Any plan
  2. The Postscript app is installed

How does integration work?

Integration with Postscript works as automation to send SMS notifications of the following Wishlist events:

  • Something you like is back in stock!
  • Your loved items are waiting for you

And also for the Review Reminders:

Steps to activate the integration:

1) Go to the Postscript app Admin panel and click on the account name and then on the API section.

2) In the API Keys menu if there are no keys, create a new API Keys pair.

3) Copy Private Key.

4) Go to the Growave Admin panel and open Settings -> Integrations.

5) Find the Postscript app, turn it on and click on Settings, paste the previously copied Private Key and save.

6) Then the needed trigger will be added to Postscript.

7) Now you need to create an Automation. Go back to the Postscript Admin panel and click on the Messaging menu, then select Automations and create one.

8) Select Custom Automation.

9) Give a name to the automation, select the trigger Ssw Wishlist Back in Stock you have created, and click 'Save & Continue to Messages'.

10) Change the content of the message as in the following example and save.

Hi {first_name}! Products you like are back in stock now! Check them here {wishlist_page_url}

So we created the Automation for Something you like is back in stock! wishlist event.

For Your loved items are waiting for you, you also need to create an automation.

The trigger for this automation looks like this:

  • Ssw Wishlist On Save
  • Message content:
  • Hi {first_name}! Products in your wishlist are waiting for you! Continue shopping {wishlist_page_url}
  • The only difference in this automation is a Cancellation Trigger:
  • * when a customer added a product to cart;
  • * when a customer bought a product.

To send the Review Request, you will also need to create an automation. The trigger for the following automation:

  • Ssw Review Request
  • Message content:
  • Hi {first_name}! Please share your thoughts about your latest order. {product_name} - {order_review_url}

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, we are always here for you 😊.