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Klaviyo Integration

Learn how to set up integration with Klaviyo

We are here to announce to you the integration between Klaviyo and Growave. This means that the integration is available on the Growth and higher plans of Growave for any Shopify plan.


This integration includes Wishlist reminder emails, Review request emails, and Reward notifications. On top of that, all the data related to buyers will be reflected in every email template sent out from Klaviyo: points balance, referral link, and VIP tier title.

Wishlist reminder emails: One of the most used features of Growave is Wishlist. It allows website guests and logged-in users to add items to the wishlist with one click. If the user is not logged in, he/she will be asked to leave an email to save the wishlist. Once the email is in the customer base, there are 3 types of emails that are triggered from Growave. The integration with Klaviyo allows all Wishlist Reminders to be displayed in the Klaviyo email templates list and further edited and sent from there.

Review Request emails: The essential part of every Review app is to help merchants gather testimonials. Therefore, Growave has created a series of emails that ask customers to leave a review. The series consists of three emails that are sent if the previous one has been ignored. Review Requests are essential for each site for generating social proof and the integration with Klaviyo contributes to making them even more efficient.

Reward notification emails: The most commonly used emails will notify your clients about points or discounts they earned and send the discount code they may use on the checkout page. Rewards notifications are now available within the integration.

Once the integration is turned on from the admin panel, customer data synchronizes and is forwarded to Klaviyo. The following data is being transferred to Klaviyo from Growave. Please note that you should add it in the Custom Properties and it will appear on all the customer accounts:







Once the customer's data changes in Growave, it will be updated in Klaviyo as well.

As this data is related to the Rewards app,

How to set up Klaviyo & Growave Integration

NOTION: Please note that if the integration was turned on in the admin panel of Growave before, please turn it off to have a successful launch. So, please, be mindful to have integration disabled before starting off. And then start again when setting everything up.

The admin panel of Growave should look like this when you are up to set up the integration:

Let's dive into the details on how to get started! :)

1) First, go to the Klaviyo admin panel >> Account section. Then choose Settings >> API Keys:

2) In the next step create a new API Key:

3) Give a name and select the 'Full Access Key':

4) And then, click on 'Create':

5) Copy the API Key:

6) Go ahead and copy API Key and open the Admin panel of Growave. Access to the Growave Settings >> Integrations:

7) Here you may turn on the Klaviyo integration option (if it was turned on before, it's needed to turn it off and start again unless the integration won't work the way it should):

8) Proceed with entering the copied API Key to the field below and tick the checkbox:

In the checkbox, choose which apps should send the emails through Klavio. In case you leave the checkbox empty, these apps will send emails through Growave.

9) Then click on Save!

10) From that moment on the process of creating templates and events will start, kindly be noted that it might take some time.

11) Then, open the Flows section in Klaviyo and proceed with the setup.

At this stage, you will need to create 11 new Klaviyo Flows:

  1. Request a review for the recently purchased item;
  2. Customer's loved items are waiting;
  3. Customer's wishlists are on sale;
  4. Customer's loved items are back in stock;
  5. Customer earned points;
  6. Birthday Gift;
  7. Available Rewards;
  8. Customer has reached tier;
  9. Referral delivered;
  10. Referral redeemed;
  11. Points expiration.

NOTE: All of the emails that you would like to be sent via Klaviyo should be enabled in our Admin Panel. However, if some of the emails still should be sent via Growave, make sure you haven't created any of the triggers in Klaviyo.

Review reminders:

Wishlist notifications:

Reward notifications:

To enable the Points expiration email, you should set the number of days and click on 'Notify member about points expiration' in the General Rewards Settings:

Using the first flow as an example below is the creation of a flow for a Review Request.

So let's get started!

1) Click the "Create Flow" button:

2) Then click on the "Create from Scratch" button:

3) Specify a name for this Flow and select the "Growave" tag. Then click on the "Create Flow" button to save it:

4) In the next step, choose a trigger. For that it's needed to click on "Metric" section:

5) In the options that will appear, select "GrowaveReviewRequest":

6) Then click on the "Done" button:

7) It's needed to drag the "Email" tab below your trigger:

Now let's choose the right Email Template.

1) Click on 3 dots and select the "Edit" option:

2) In the "Subject" field, enter the text that will be displayed in the subject line:

We would suggest using the following copy: "Please review your recent purchases at" and enter the name of your shop:

3) Then select the desired email template. Click on the "Drag and Drop" option:

4) It's needed to click on "My Templates":

5) And choose the corresponding template in the Library:

6) Be sure to click on the "Save" and "Done" buttons inside the template:

Then, it's needed to turn off the "Smart Sending" function.

Please, click on the icon of the email:

And click on the corresponding item in Settings:

Move the toggle button to the off position:

Choose to live the flow:

Proceed by clicking on the "Exit" button:

Congrats on creating and setting up your first Flow! :)

It is necessary to create and configure all 11 flows in the indicated way:

Below is a table with the required data. You can copy the needed text from the following file:

After creating all the necessary Klaviyo Flow, the integration is ready to go!

You can test sending all emails through the Growave admin panel.

1) For example, to send a test email for a Review Request you go to our admin panel in the Notification Center section:

2) Next, go to the Review Emails tab:

3) Click on the "Send test email" link:

4) In the pop-up window, enter your email and click the "Send Test Email" button":

5) A test email for a Review Request will be sent to your mail!

That's it! Congratulations on your successful integration of Klaviyo without Shopify Flow.

If something doesn’t work out or you still have questions, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!