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Polly T.
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Rewarding for signup

How to encourage users to sign up and log in

There is a way to encourage users to register on your website by rewarding them with points when they sign up/social login into your site, so they can redeem these points for rewards or discounts (percentage/fixed amount/free shipping) in your Rewards & Loyalty program.

It's possible to assign a reward for those actions in the Earn points section of the Points program:

Customers can easily find the reward in the Rewards tab on your homepage:

Moreover, you're also able to select a Rewarding type as:

  • Points
  • Discount
  • Gift card
  • Free product

Also, please take into account, that there are some differences in the Reward receiving process for the customers who sign up via Social Login icons and via the classic Shopify sign-up form.

The reward for creating an account via Social login icons is issued immediately, however, if customers register via Shopify sign-up form, they need to verify their email, and then the reward will be issued.

The verification email is sent only to those customers who register via Shopify sign-up form. First of all, they should open the Reward tab or the separate Reward page and push on the "Verify your account" link.

Second, they should check their inbox, find the verification email and follow the link in the email. They will not receive points for creating an account unless all the above steps are not done.

However, email verification for the reward system is optional and enabled by default to secure your shop. To turn off this setting, please refer your query to the Support team.

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