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Polly T.
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Spend X to get Y

Learn how to use the Spend X to Get Y rule

The Spend X to get Y rule helps encourage customers to spend a certain amount of money in order to get a reward for it. You can set a spending goal and cheer members on when they will achieve it. Also, you are free to create as many Spend X to get Y rules as you want.

NOTE: The set amount should be spent within one order placed, in other words, a customer has to spend a set amount at a time in order to get a reward.

To start, please go to the Earning Points section in Rewards, and click on the "Add new" button:

Then find the Spend X to get Y rule, open it and choose what spent amount you want to reward:

P.S. If you want to give customers 1 point for every $1 spent, please set up the Place Order rule.

The next step is to set the number of times that this action can be completed (P.S. you can leave No Maximum if you don't want to limit this action), set reward delay, and enable the rule:

1. What if the order gets refunded? Will the reward be subtracted?

Yes. If you set this up in the order rewarding settings, rewards will be subtracted according to the order statuses.

Please see how it works in the example below:

Let's say there are two rules:

Rule A: Spend $100 to get 400 points

Rule B: Spend $200 to get 800 points

The customer purchased an item for $200 and got 800 points for completing rule B. However, later he requested a partial refund and you refunded him $100. In this case, the customer's 800 points will be subtracted, but he will get 400 points for the $100 spent (because he's spent $100 in fact and now is eligible for rule A).

  • If the customer has already spent his 800 points for one order and then requested a refund for $100 - even though he is eligible for rule A, the new 400 points will not be given, since he has already spent his points.
  • (Tip: we recommend you to set the reward delay in order to avoid such cases with refunds.)
  • If after the refund was issued, the actual spent amount does not reach the goal spent amount of any of the existing rules, the points (800 points) will just be subtracted.

NOTE: When refunding points, the current settings of the Reward program will be taken into account. It means that if you have rewarded your customers and after that changed the Rewards Settings, then at the time of refunding, points will be given based on the most recent settings values.

By settings, we mean all the settings you configure in Rewards Settings and in the "Place Order" rule.

That's pretty much it! Hope it was helpful.

Please let us know if you have any questions or requests. 😊