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Polly T.
Written by Polly T.

Subscribe to newsletter

Explore how the 'Subscribe to newsletter' works

The 'Subscribe to newsletter' checkbox is added to the account window and means accepting marketing of all notifications from the store. Since it changes the 'Accept marketing' status in Shopify to the 'true' state.

Here at Growave you can set it as the earning rule and reward your customers for fulfilling this action. The box appears during the first login to the store as shown on the screenshot below:

In the 'Subscribe to newsletter' rule you will find two subscription options:

Subscribe to an email newsletter - accepting to receive notifications.

Subscribe to SMS newsletter - accepting to receive SMS.

If you select both conditions, the customer should subscribe to the SMS newsletter via the Rewards tab or on the Edit Profile page. After that, the customer will receive a reward for fulfilling an action:

  • Tab:

  • Edit Profile page:

NOTE: All the notifications from Growave are sent based on the subscription status. Only the Review emails are considered transactional ones and sent in any state of the subscription.

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